How to Place the Feet Methandrostenolone in the Leg Press Machine (Тренажери для ніг)


Як правильно тренувати різні групи м`язів за допомогою тренажера для ніг.

Did you know that depending on how you position your legs on the press bench, you will focus the training on different muscles? Let’s see what are the possible variants!

Not many of you may be aware, but the way you support your feet when training your legs on the press bench is a very important factor. Why? Because  methandrostenolone; we can target training to different muscle groups.

In case you did not know, most of the press equipment allows you to put your feet up, down, in a wider or narrower position, plus all other possible combinations between them.

And the idea behind this is that, depending on the Methandrostenolone combination, the muscles that perform the effort change slightly. This makes it an extremely versatile exercise.

So let’s see what muscles you will train based on how you place your feet on the platform of the press machine.


When the feet are placed on top of the platform , the degree of hip extension and flexion increases, while reducing the range of motion around the knees.

What does this mean? In short, you will feel a greater stretch in the back of the thighs and buttocks.

In other words, if you want to focus on your glutes and upper hamstrings, use this position , with your feet on top of the team’s platform.

However, this orientation of the feet is not absolute.

You can’t isolate one muscle from all the others . So your quads, and especially the vast muscle, will continue to do most of the work.

Also, while you remain seated during exercise, your hamstrings and glutes do not activate in the same way as if you did a standing exercise like squats.


A lower foot position reduces the degree of hip extension and flexion, while increasing range of motion around the knees.

This translates into greater activation of the quadriceps and thighs and less involvement of the buttocks.

Feet lowered on the press machine platform

Keep in mind that increasing muscle tension in the quadriceps also means more pressure on the knees.

And be careful, that a very low position on the platform increases the risk that your knees will no longer be in line with the toes.

Although this is not a Methandrostenolone in itself, if you suffer from knee pain or are fragile, you will find this position more uncomfortable.

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